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Happy Blogday! I look forward to reading and commenting as your blog and life progresses.

Dave P

Congrats on 3 years as a blogger, Atul. My class will be seeing your presentation and visiting your blog this week.


Hey Guys,

Special thanks goes to you two for being my best customers.

CL, I will be less sporadic about visiting your blog.

Dave, Thanks for keeping the TIN thing going with your classes. I enjoy their comments and I'm glad they can learn from my site.

Karen H

Interesting concept these blogs are. However, Atul, whatever you wish to accomplish I hope you do so. Blogs are not for me. Have fun out there.

Anthony B.

Thanks Atul for enlighting me on how to write a blog. Im really interested in bloging and, hopefully whenever i have time you may see some of my post/comments.



Blogs aren't for everybody, I agree. But today, it seems like almost everybody has one. Are you sure you don't want to start one? :-)


Hopefully you learn a lot in your class and let me know if you ever have any questions in how to start one. In the meantime, feel free to keep coming back to comment here. I appreciate it.

Mariel C.

Congratulations on 3 successful years of blogging! It must be fun to have a platform to voice your opinions and thoughts and see how people react.


Wow three years of blogging! That's a really cool achievement. Congrats! We watched the video of how to blog in our computer class and I'm thinking about starting my own. Thanks and stick with it!

Tracie L

Wow! 371 blogs-Congrats! That is a lot of typing. I do not know much about blogging except that I write one here and there on my myspace, but they are not anything close to what you have done! again, congrats and keep em going!

Aleksandar M. Velkoski

Congratulations Atul! I'm glad to see that TIN is alive and well. Excellent stats.


Mariel, Eralko, Tracie, and Aleks,

Thanks a lot everybody. I appreciate the support and I hope you keep visiting and commenting. I enjoy doing this and like to entertain or make people think.

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