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Some are wearing Orange today, for the Irish Loyalists...


In the west, OSU is Oregon State.

the college thing is a little different because invariably it includes a "U".

Aleksandar M. Velkoski

Interesting post Atul. Although I agree (for the most part) that we should consider the bigger picture when developing associations of this sort, I think that we cannot get away from it. It is human nature to develop associations (with colors, letters, symbols, or whatever else it may be). From my perspective, I am THE Aleksandar M. Velkoski (AMV). Someone else out there my disagree LOL. I guess logic holds that if you are the first to claim it, and have the most influence (in comparison to others that claim a similar item), then it is yours. Let it hold that I am the first to claim being THE Aleksandar M. Velkoski (AMV), and that my influence trumps! :-)


Sorry this is so late guys, I just got back from Germany.

I didn't know about the orange Irish.

Thanks for reminding me about the other OSU. But again, Ohio State was first, and yes, the U makes overlap much more frequent. I went to RIT which reminds me that Institutes set a school apart from Universities.

THE Aleksandar M. Velkoski (TM),
You are one of a kind anyway so there won't be any confusion. As for the colors, letters, symbols, it is natural to tie an institution with a symbol so it's hard to avoid. I'm not going to call myself "A." anytime soon though.

Aleksandar M. Velkoski

Thanks for the recognition! HA! ;-)


i love st.pattys day

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