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Meenal Parikh

Hey, you'd be a hero on "Lost" too! I must've inherited Dad's traits also so I agree wholeheartedly.

A Gregg

I feel that you can never over pack. When going on a trip that is the last thing I want to do is spend money on something that is so overpriced. Where I can get it at home from cheap. Yes we all love shopping, a few new things wouldn’t hurt. But knowing I might not have room saves me some money too. But I currently went to Mexico and had to worry about over packing, because now we have a certain weight for your luggage!



It's nice to hear that somebody else feels the same way I do. Right now, I'm on a trip that was extended by 3 days but I'm fully prepared thanks to my overpacking! :-) I do use up the full weight allowed by the airlines on occasion, but I might as well since I'm paying for it.

Mariam Haidous

I feel that under packing is better. I always under pack when traveling so I have reason to shop. I love shopping. There is always places to buy extra clothes and extra items. For me, overpacking would be bad because most airlines only allow to have fifty pounds or less. If it's more than fifty pounds you have to pay a fee. I would rather use that fee money on new clothes on the vacation! But, this is my opinion. Everyone has their own way to do things. No one is right or wrong :-)



If you are going on a trip to shop then underpacking makes sense. It is less stressful too. I tend not to shop that much. I go more to see the sites and take pictures.

Jamie J

I agree that for me, by overpacking I am less stressed, more comfortable and free to actually enjoy my trip. I inherited a lot of these traits from my mother. Overpacking does have it's weight disadvantages but that never mattered to mom; her key to success was space efficiency. I also tend to "overpack" everyday. I always have a lot more stuff in my purse than I know what to do with but I find that it's always better to have it there than not.

Leslie M.

I'm so glad to see that I'm not alone in this situation! I'm always the over-packer! As you said, you should be prepared for whatever comes your way. I don't over-pack with ridiculous items such as a winter coat if I'm going to the Dominican, but I would, however, pack a sweatshirt. There have been times when family and/or friends have asked to borrow something I packed because they forgot to. I don't take offense when I get the famous "you're taking all that" question because I know that I'd rather be safe than sorry! I love that you feel the way, especially being a male! Thank you!


Hi Jamie,

It's good to know somebody else who also overpacks. Bet you're rarely unprepared!


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