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Tywonn Mitchell

I dint cleveland people should give up on their teams. They are going to be good, they just need time to build their franchises. I think if cleveland fans can wait trhen the city of cleveland has a bright future in sports.

Dave P

Seriously, how much longer should Cleveland fans have to wait for a championship? The Cavs have never won one and had to endure the departure of a local icon and everything that went with poorly conceived "Decision" plus the Michael Jordan "Shot". The Indians have not won since 1948 though they made to the World Series and were involved in a heartbreaking loss in 1997. The original Browns moved to Baltimore and the new Browns franchise has not been successful. They are the most recent team from Cleveland to win a championship in 1964. That is 46 years without a championship-a serious drought.

Since Atul is a native Clevelander, I am curious to read his reply to these posts.


Thanks for the input. I agree that Cleveland fans shouldn't give up but many of us have just because it has been so long. But, as a true fan, I'll stick with them for the rest of my life. I hope one of my teams wins a championship in that time!

Tywonn Mitchell

The browns are not as bad as their record looks. They just need a few more pieces, and they have been cursed with some serious injury problems.They were good in the 80's, they just need to get back to playing the way they know they can.I can't really speak on the Indians because I don't really watch them too much. But the cavaliers just need to really sit down and just start over. Because at one point they were arguably the best team in the league, so Cleveland has seen some good times in sports.


Yes, if it weren't for injuries, Hillis would have been a factor and that would have opened up the offense. But the Cavs have the first pick on the year of the strike or lock-out. That's more bad Cleveland sports luck!

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