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Antionette F.

I truly believe charitable giving is the right thing to do. Personally, I direct my donations to organizations that help the homeless and/or senior community. I have a special place in my heart for the elderly because I care for my 87 year-old grandmother and I understand their daily financial struggles. Family members tend to forget their seniors are living on fixed incomes while trying to pay for their expensive prescriptions, housing, utilities, and the list goes on. We must remember to care for those that cared for so many of us.


I suppose that it's good that we all have a special place in our heaert for various charities. That way, they all get donations. It's admirable that you're taking care of your grandmother. I agree that we should take care of our parents and grandparents as they get older. They gave us life and put us ahead of themselves.

Liz Martin

I believe that any charity is a cause, worthy enough to request money. I try to help charity’s the best I can even if it means working an event rather that donating money. I feel that time is sometimes just as valuable as money. Whether big or small, every little bit helps to make a big difference. Overall, I agree that it is good that everyone has a specific charity they like to donate to, regardless of their reason. I feel that this is the easiest way to guarantee that all the people receive our help, who need it in the world. I do not think that one charity trumps another, they are all needy in their own way and do indeed need our help. Although, no matter what, I feel that prayer is a simple, effective way to help and make a difference.

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