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Antoine trapp

I am a really big LeBron fan and just the way that the fans treated him wasn’t ok. Instead of saying bad things, why not think of all the good things he did. I mean he gave them six seasons of excellent basketball. While I thought he did really well as a fan you have to stand by your players. In the sports world, things are going to happen, so I do think that fans should be more supportive.

Chelsea Collura

I disagree with this quote because not everyone has the time to be a number 1 fan 24/7. Especially women, we try hard to understand football, baseball, and hockey so that we can fit in with the guys. Sometimes it just takes longer to comprehend the whole entire sport. I think that once you have a good solid understanding of the sport then you are a fan and you will always be from then on.

Dave P

I think the quote refers to the literal meaning of fan which is the shortened form of the word fanatic which indicates unwavering and constant support. Chelsea seems to be describing the casual fan (and there are many of those) which is another interpretation of the word "fan".

Joshua Morrison

I agree with this quote because I have been a Lions fan all my life even when they were losing. Now that they are actually winning for a change, people all of a sudden want to be called fans. Even tho the past several years they would have nothing to do with the team. This term is called the "Band Wagon" fans and more and more are coming out daily when it comes to the Lions. Once the Lions start losing these so called fans will stop watching them, until they are good again. Not for me I will be a Lions fan through the good and the bad, that is why I am a true fan for the Detroit Lions.


Good comments. Thank you. Yes, I didn't meant that one should be a fan 24 hours a day. I just meant that once loyalties for sports teams are decided on, that a person should stick to those loyalties regardless of where they live or how bad their team is doing. It's not always easy, but to me, that's what makes a true fan.

Desiree M.

I disagree with this quote. Every team changes with time. Part of the reason one may be a fan of a team is they like a player or coach. If the player or coach switches teams the fan is likely to become a fan of another team, with their favorite coach or player.

Christian Holder

i have to agree 100% percent with this quote. Some people change their views on teams all of the time, "bandwagon fans." These fans are not true to their team, and will not be good supporters at the events, they just come for the fun experience.



I'm glad you agree. I get tired of bandwagon fans too. It's like being a friend of somebody only when times are good. SOme of those people come to the game and don't really even care what happens. They just want to be seen there.


You do have a good point Desiree. The fan may support a team for individuals are on the team. But then are they a fan of the individual or the team?

Whitney P

I totally agree with this. I think banwagon fans are the worst! For example when the Tigers made it into the World Series everyone in Michigan loved them and supported them, but the moment that they lost people started bashing on them. If you're a true fan than you are a fan from the start, not only when your team is doing good. Thats called being a front runner.

Matthew S

I believe you can become a true fan at any point in your newly discovered love for a sport or sport's team. A true fan needs dedication, effort to support, and above all true love for his/her team. As long as you are a passionate fan, it shouldn't matter if you were their "when it all began" or a newly appointed member/fan.



Yes, sports "fanmanship" can get ugly. It all comes down to why people become fans of teams in the first place. But we both agree that a real fan suports a team forever.




You're right that it's not when the person became a fan but how dedicated she/he is regardless of what happens.


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