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Nice. I generally agree with your post. I think that in addition to people holding out in case there is a better option, people are also "maybe'ers" because they don't want to say outright that they will not attend a given event. By saying "maybe," people can pretend that they're interested without "hurting" people's feelings by direct rejection. However, I say pretend, because if they were really interested, they would say "yes," or "no" (in the event they really can't make it). Also, I don't think people want to make definite decisions unless they have to. Maybe what really should happen is that people should decide whether they actually care about attending given event or not.

Ken Blankertz

This is so true! So many times have I heard "maybe" in response to an invitation that I extend. Now I can not say that i have never used "maybe" in response to invitations extended to me, but when I have it came with guilt and remorse for not being more dependable as a friend. As a society I agree that we need to be more dependable when commitments are scheduled to show the value of your relationship with that person or group of persons. If we don't more of our friendships will eventually disolve and we will be left in the dust. So, value friendships and honor commitments!


I really love this line you wrote," If you commit to doing something with a friend, doing it is part of your duties as a good friend. Not doing it means you value other things over your friendship". I hate it more than anything when I make plans with someone, and then last minute they cancel because their boyfriend showed up. It really makes you feel like you’re not important, and like what you said your friend values something else besides your friendship. So true!
Also with the "maybes" I’ve done it so many times. Maybe is another word for I don't know and it's most likely going to be a no. We need to be more straight forward and honest with other people instead of leaving false leads.

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