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Dave P

I agree with just about everything you said.

L. Haldane

I think all your points are correct. We don't like to take preventative measures, because we are too lazy to do a little bit every day to fix something. We would rather let it blow up into a huge disaster that we then have to start repairing in one sitting. This applies to taking care of the earth, too. People say climate change is a bunch of scientific lies, but if everyone took small steps to reduce their carbon footprints, the environment would be a lot better off. Instead, we are setting ourselves up for an ecological disaster in the near future.

Alexandra F

Great post! I feel the same way you do about many over dramatic actions we have taken over the years. As you know, 9-11 was a tragic event that changed the way we feel about many things including security, love, and even trust. However, we cannot take it over board by directing our anger and fear in the wrong direction. This will only hurt others and ourselves and keep us from growing as a Nation. Another point I would like to bring up is the entertainment that people are watching and engaging in everyday. "The Jersey Shore" and Soap operas are not real, they are fake and filled with drama so others may be entertained. However, many take this one step further and begin to copy behaviors of these actors. I believe everyone, especially the younger generation, needs to start opening their eyes and seeing the big picture. We DO have a recession, we ARE contributing to global warming, and we need to help this planet and each other before it is too late.

Ashley Stachurski

I couldn’t have said that any better myself, so many people only pay attention to the negative things in life, they don’t see of think about the positive. People never really think but all the drama on T.V and the news consumes our lives. We are so dependent on something bad happening, we don’t think about how we can make our lives better. We are not concerned about how to we need to stop the economies plunge to great darkness, we are only concerned about how we are going keep our TiVo paid for so we can watch the drama filled shows, and the news that tells us usually nothing but bitterness. On top of that, we are going through a recession that means that the government doesn’t need to bail out other countries, they need to bail us out first, and you can not fix someone else until you have fixed yourself. I’m so glad that someone can finally see the things that people are to blind to realize and notice. If everyone just helped out a little more, we could change the world and the way we live on it.


Thanks for the supportive words. I think you all see how this overdramatic reactionism applies to so many things in life. It's just who we are I guess.


I agree with much of your topic. We has a Americans are a reactionary peoples.We tend to fix things when they break or just before they break. I use to work at a major automotive company, I question a group of engineers that was discussing a produce problem, the product had a major flaw mid-way through production. the topic was weather to fix the rest of vehicles or to recall, or just leave alone, well the answer was in the statical data of vehicle produced/ cost of repairs in long run. how about fix the problem and correct the pre/found problem.

Second; I am glad you even know the terrorist color code, be happy that we have not gone up. It means our homeland security and Special Operation Groups are doing the jobs and doing it well.

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