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Ah, the life and times of people trying to be funny on stage! It's a whole 'nother ball game than being funny while watching the superbowl or something. Hey, have you ever heard of the moth? http://www.themoth.org/
It's like a poetry slam, but with storytelling. The stories are either hilarious, profound, or (the best) are hilariously profound. I've noticed that the best stories are a series of 1-2 line jokes leading up to one great kicker or climax. They only do the Moth in NYC, L.A., Chicago and --bah, dah dah--Detroit. You should do it next time you're in Detroit! That might be a cool next step.


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This is interesting that you are funny in conversation,some of the people have great control in this activity as you have,and good thing that you realize this,so make the most of it and use your talent in the right and good platform,and you are right that this is character building experience,which builds the character and mainly gives some great and usfeul confidence.


It is interesting to hear what you had to say regarding the dynamics between yourself and the crowd. How you feel resonates deeply with those you are performing for, because you are putting your energy and feelings in front of everyone to view. If you feel uncomfortable, they do too. If you are enjoying yourself, they are in the moment with you having the time of their lives. Performance is tricky but the connection you make with the crowd plus the feeling of success after hard work is an irreplaceable feeling.


Sorry for the delayed comments everybody.

It is all about the crowd and the dynamic is hard to pin down or figure out.

Dissertation Writing,
Conversational humor (which I think I'm better at) is very different than performing stand-up.

I'll have to try The Moth the next time I'm in Detroit. I'm just out of practice.


My friends let me know I am funny all the time and say I should do improve but when it comes to telling a story that is somewhat long it is so hard for me to get to the point and I totally miss the whole joke for everyone. I assume if I practice the joke more and recite them maybe my story-telling jokes will come out better. As for IMPROV I do believe i am better with the in the moment jokes and rolling with the punches.Thanks for the advice. bcuevas

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