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I will say that Merry Christmas,and the thing you tell about the government entities which are supposed to separate church,so i don't think that this is a good decision,this is not a good work of separating the churches,they are beautiful in a combine mode,otherwise the day of Christmas is a beautiful one,unites the whole world and gives great and awesome feeling,so a great day this is and the things too whcih you told.

Paul R

I have to say I full agree with the position in your article (this position coming from a Christian). For all I care, people can wish me a Happy Quanza. I don't have to be offended because I don't follow that belief. In much the same way, if I happen to wish someone a Merry Christmas, I don't mean it as an insult. Now, if I knew this person wasn't a Christian I might say "Happy Holidays" instead. However, I feel that we as a society get too tightly wrapped up in politically correct terms for religious topics these days. It's meant to be in good spirit, and I feel we should try and be a little more tolerant of the idea of world views that are different than our own.

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