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Megan Cremona

I like the concept of no liking what everyone expects you to like. Everyone is different and likes different things and you should learn to appreciate that uniqueness. How would someone find something popular without liking something different in the first place?

Crystal Demsky

I agree with this guy 100%! I mean I try to be my own person, not because its cool but its because it is what I want to do. I dont care if everyone else wears pink, Im going to wear green...because I hate pink and I love green. It seems as though if I like something and then it gets popular, I stop liking it. I think there is some kindd of inner voice that says "ohhh its popular...dont like it"


God did not create anyone to be just as the other person we are made to be unique and our own way that’s why we have different hair, skin, color and so much more that is not the same. I love been me an d I would not changes that for anything. I agree %100.

Esmahan Rodwell

What is being different? Does it mean that you are on your own solitary island of uniqueness? Or does it mean that you simply fit into a catagory of people who also thoughtfully choose to not follow trends. While it is admirable and makes life interesting to always go in the opposite direction compared to what most other people are doing it is also important to realize that some people may appreciate what is "different", but just may not have the capacity to look for it as you do. They may have families or work full time or may just not be in that frame of mind. I believe that if you choose the road less traveled it is imperitive to still be open-minded to what the masses may like and not just purposefully shut the door on their thoughts and likes. Doing this guarantees that others will not be interested in what you have to offer and also will not have the opportunity to learn the very jewels that you are speaking of....but maybe that is what you are looking for? Deliberate solidarity?

A. Nichol

I completely agree with him. I love movies and music that everyone has forgotten since it is no longer "popular". I like some of the same things that the masses do but to a certain extent. If everybody liked the same things, then where is the originality and the uniqueness that were supposed to have.


Great comments everybody. They made me think more about what I wrote in my post. Yes, being unique does make you feel or actually get left out but it's not always intentional. I like to be unique but I'm not sure why. And we are all human so we are all different from each other. I guess some people try too hard to like what everybody else likes and others try too hard to like what others don't. Most of us are somewhere in the middle.


I agree with what he said “when you blend in, it’s as if you don’t exist”. Everyone is special. We should not follow others blindly. But I don’t think that stressing individuality stubbornly is right. I have heard that people live in groups, and a person cannot live without other people.

Norberto Aviles

It is a good thing about being different but not at a extent to be completely different. As he says being different has its downs which he "can't relate to what every is talking about when it comes to the latest book or apple device." I don't see how can we have a really good communication when we live in a totally different world than others. I can't imagine being in an environment where every one is extremely unique.

Kirsten Dunbar

I agree with the aspect of liking things that others don't, but I did not always feel this way. I used to go along with the crowd. Mainly, I would not see, read, or like anything someone did not tell me about. Then I started to discover bands and movies on my own, and found some what of a personal satisfaction. I like to think that I am creative in my own way and the fact that I don't like what everyone else does actually makes me feel like an individual (which seems almost impossible in todays society).

Alex A

I often find the things that are the most popular are the things I can’t stand the most. The popular movies tend to always disappoint along with the popular television shows. I find that going against the crowd is always more enjoyable. Plus I am not a fan of liking something because I am supposed to like it because everyone else likes it.

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