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Dave P

Indeed it does, Atul.

Monica M.

I always mess up between the "i" and "u" which can lead to a lot of confusion to the person I am sending the message to. I could be talking about myself for example but put "u" instead making the person believe it is in reference to them.

Andriana R.

When I need to text something quickly I catch myself frequently sending an "I" instead of a "U" on the keyboard. Sometimes I don't even catch myself doing it until after the text message is sent.

Sara H

Its funny when I text someone about something they should do, I catch myself saying "I" rather than "U". This is why before sending the text, I re-read it to make sure Im using the correct words so I dont confuse anyone.



That's exactly the problem. What if you received a message like this?...

"u thunk i are correct."




Has it led to any confusing or embarrassing circumstances?




It's a good practice to proofread your texts when you send them but I think very few people do. I don't because I'm usually texting in a hurry.


Peter D

The most aggravating thing is when you realize you have misspelled a word just as you click the post or send button!!!

Odellia N.

Texting is a dangerous thing while
driving I know there is a law no texting while driving. It does not work.



It is dangerous and although I don't advocate doing it, if people are going to text and drive, they can do it in a safer way...

I mention it in a post I wrote here:


Peter D,

I suppose proof-reading helps in this case but how many of us do that?



Monica I also mess up with the i and u and few other letters like e and r or t and y. It is awful when I am texting fast or i am rushing to respond and doing something else people think i cant spell but hey that is why we are suppose to check it before we send it and sometime i dont. :-/

Justin Randles

Maybe it is my age showing but I truly despise the text "language". So many abbreviations to so man things that would be said or possibly should never be said. "YOLO" makes me quiver with fear that society is slowly getting stupid. Also "WTF" and other abbreviated ways to yell at someone takes away from the anger you really wish to show. If I am to text angry words to a person I want them to have to read every word. If you want to angry text show some effort. As I venture through newly single life my quick notion that I don't want to date someone is a "TTYL" or "OBVI" text.

LaVina Williams

Although this is a great time in our country with the Re-election of President Barack Obama, I am outraged by the numerous comments on various social network sites attacking and disrespecting Our President and his family based primarily on his race!!!

LaVina Williams

My previous comment was meant for the section regarding the endorsement of President Obama. With regard to quick texting, I definitely do not enjoy the various "short cuts" for texting. If you don't text regularly, you may not be familiar with the "IKR", or "IJS" sentiments, and be confused with the variety of acronyms and have difficulty replying correctly.


Jasmine G.,

I don't know what IKR and IJS mean. It's a good thing my friends don't use those!




Yes, a lot gets lost in communication with texting language but I think it's here to stay!


Good point. R or t and y are also a set of commonly used letters that are too close together. I guess we're stuck with the QWERTY keyboard though so there's not much we can do!


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