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Kayla J

This post spoke to me because I either A. won't try something or B. I try it once and will never try anything like it again. My parents tell me to continue trying new things but I just get turned off and can't do it again. I know that eventually I should try it again and this post made it clear that I should.

Ryan L

This post reminds me of my sister. She can love a certain dinner or even restaurant and always want to eat it. But even if she has one bad meal, she will never eat it again. She is very stubborn like that. She can go from loving a food to never wanting it again just because there was something wrong with it that one time.

David C.

I couldn’t agree more! Growing up in a very French home, as a child I hated so many of the meats and delicacies. As I grew older, I now realize just how spectacular, and unique much of the food is in our culture, and even more so, what an amazing chef my Mother and Grandparents are. Side note: Also, I have a friend who claims she will never eat guacamole ever again because she has tried it before and hated it… so I ask her where she tried it… Taco Bell! No wonder! It just goes to prove that we all need to use discretion when picking and choosing where and what we eat when attempting to expand our palettes! -David C.

Kayla R.

After reading your post I think I'm going to start trying new foods. I probably am considered as some what of a picky eater, so maybe if i try those foods that I once didn't like I might find out that it isn't half bad. Lately I had been giving some types of foods a shot and I've realized they aren't all that bad.

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