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Annette O.


I agree that the Internet is a good and necessary thing, but, I also agree that it has its cons as well. When going into the Doctor's office I have noticed that they rely very much on the Computer. They have to electronically pull up a patient's medical records. What if the computer system shut down? They would lose all of their records! Computers and the Internet can be beneficial to man kind, but we should be careful on how much we depend on it. I just tried posting a similar comment, but it didn't go through, I think. Annette O.

Keegan C.

I definitely agree with you. We are so involved in the internet on a daily basis, kids could not tell you how to go to a library to look up something using an index. I cannot imagine life without the internet. My phone is constantly in my hand allowing me to connect with family and friends. It is sad that people are getting lazier because of the internet.

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