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I agree. We're arguing on that other NPR thread. I don't like to argue on the internet. But I do agree with what you wrote here.
Whatever your name is, be proud of it and expect people to take the time to learn how to pronounce it.



Yeah, it's easy to get into arguments on-line but we both mean well. Thanks for visiting my blog and yes, you see a bit of what it's like to have a non-mainstream name. I went to your blog and it turns out we both started our blogs in 2006. Not many people keep theirs going for so long.

Take care.

Jake L

After reading all the names I can't stop laughing. Now anytime I see one of those names, oh it's gonna be a field day

Rachel K

With the last name of Koscielecki, I have heard many different pronunciations. Some people do not even attempt to say it. But I'm proud of my last name. It's my subtle way of telling everyone that I'm 50% Polish.



Glad you like them. I think your name escaped the list. :-) Although there is something called a "jake brake" on semi trucks. Google it.


You know what it's like and I know what you mean when people don't even try. It even happens after you pronounce it for them, right? There's no mistaking your last name as Polish which is good.

+ Atul

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